Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday Knitting Field Trip?

Or maybe not. We're getting quite a lot of snow. I think it's going to be canceled. Ratz! I really wanted to go!

Guess if it's canceled, I'll stay home and knit on the Gretchen purse. I've knit 28 of the 68 rows of the purse so far. It was slow knitting last night because I was watching Medium.

Finally went to sleep about 10:30/11:00pm, and there was still no snow, so I was hopeful, but this morning, the little thermometer on my desktop says 25 degrees and snow--even though I'm not seeing any falling--I suppose it could just be that I can't see anymore--especially small things--and spots on my windshield look like fog to me due to the double image. It's really frustrating. But there is new snow on the ground covering up the tracks that I wanted to review this morning--and all over the car--not very deep, certainly wouldn't stop me or my friend, but there are others who won't venture out if the road is slick--or if there's a possibility of "more snow". So I figure, it will likely be canceled.

I got some good news and some bad news from the doctor yesterday. The bad news is that they (and I quote) "don't know what it is". Sigh. The good news is that (and again, I quote), "it isn't what they thought it might be." Because that test came out negative.

So how do you treat something if you don't know what it is?

So there's a referral in my future, I expect, but I have a suspicion, and I'm going to discuss it with the doc on Tuesday (since Monday is a holiday).

Well, guess I will comb my hair and begin my day. Perhaps I will clean kitchen. Perhaps I'll get a Pepsi out of the frig, sit in my chair and knit? The former doesn't sound fun at all, but the latter sounds okay. Maybe I'll do both, and hope that my friend calls me before I start hoping that things will work out and we're going, and then get the call sometime around 10 saying we're not going.

Don't you just hate it when that happens?

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