Sunday, January 30, 2011

Work Tomorrow!

I'll be heading back to work tomorrow after a 3 day weekend, taken because I didn't think I would make it through the day, considering how Thursday turned out, but in fact, Friday wasn't so bad.

I finished another slipper and started the next one for the pair--then while putting away some laundry, I found that the dog had chewed a hole in my blue side-cabled slippers, which TOTALLY blew my day.

I'm not sure what makes her prefer my footwear--but she is constantly chewing holes in my socks, and if I leave my undies on the floor, they go by way of the trash as well (which is really disgusting, and I don't know why I wrote it, but there you go!)

So now, I have some mending to do. Firstly, though, I have to iron hubby's shirt. He has another interview with this company that he interviewed with last week--so he wants crisp clothing. This is no problem, as I like when he looks good. We think this might just be a "formality", and that he really does have the job, which excites him quite a bit, since he studied for many weeks to get a job like this, and here it comes. He's looking forward to starting as early as Tuesday, or as late as next Monday. Either way, we both figure he's a shoe-in. The man is just good at what he does!

We made scalloped taters and pork chops tonight for supper. I just love crock pot meals. I wish that I had a crock for every day of the week! Much too hard to clean the pot daily!

Well, I'm going to do that ironing. Then I might look up another crock pot meal.

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