Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Latest...

It seemed like the week went on forever. When I got home today from my day at JoAnn's (more on that later), hubby was playing his game, and I decided to put in a load of laundry and get more knitting done.

Now the exciting part...

I knit two scarves out of Red Heart Pompadoodle yarn. Everyone walking by LOVED them, and basically, they sold out of the yarn in no time flat.


They had to go back to the storage room to get more.

By the time I left, they had just 2 balls of blue left.

I think they liked the project I did. It sure made them some money!

And I had a couple of people sign up for classes, too. So I'll be seeing some activity there.

But it's cold, my friends. Very, very cold. As we speak, my little thermometer on my computer is registering only 9 degrees outside. Hubby has had the fireplace set to TWO all day, and it's still only 65 degrees inside the house. Usually, we only have the fire set on ONE, and it nearly smokes us out! Thank goodness, that we will be going to bed at some point soon. So with that, I'm off to check my Facebook page, and then to bed.

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