Monday, January 3, 2011

First Day Back to Work

Sigh. Vacation is over. Today I go back to the office.

I really enjoyed my vacation. It was quite restful, and goodness knows that I could use the rest. I'm really stressed out this morning, because I know that when I go in to the office, EVERYTHING will be scattered to the four winds, and I will have to get everything back into sensible order before I can begin anew for the New Year, and I only have a half day in which to do it, which by all accounts, is clearly not enough time.

I finished reading Sherlock Holmes, which was more of an anthology of short stories of his exploits as written by Dr. Watson, however, it was a good read and kept me intrigued for it's 750+ pages. Then I read "The Ritual Bath" by a Ms. Kellerman. I give that one about 4 stars. A speedy (200+ pages) detective/mystery novel about rape and murder in a small Jewish community. My next "read" is "Winter Garden".

I'm still working on the Cable Scarf from JoAnn's. Today is knit day, and I am taking the cable scarf with me to work on. I won't be taking my Nook, because I don't have any time. It's very likely, considering all the "catching up" I'll need to do, that I won't have time to visit the loo, let alone read a book or knit. So all that is going to sit in the car waiting, since "Winter Garden" isn't on my Nook--but on the Kindle App on my phone. The book was too expensive to re-download to the Nook.

Between work and play is a doctor appointment that I cannot miss.

Even through all the stress this morning, I am still tired and grumpy. I would FAR rather stay home. I didn't get any of the housework or the house projects done, and I'm thinking that on Wednesday I should begin that. Tuesday night is knit night in Lake O. My hope is that hubby will try to finish the "honey-do" list I leave for him.

Beyond all of that, it is going to show to be a quite normal Monday, and with that, it appears that my blogging time is up, and I should be on my way to the office. Everyone have a good first Monday of the New Year.

The Tarot Card for the Day is the 9 of Swords Reversed. It means that the time of suffering is nearly done. The nightmare that has plagued me for so long is resolving itself. That reminds me. I have to contact my GP and get an appointment. Thank you, Tarot!

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