Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Twenty Seven Degrees

No, I'm not talking about karate belts. I'm talking about temperatures. Outside temperatures. Not a single degree can be felt, because at that temperature, nerves hibernate.

Bundle up before you go out, little children--and don't put your tongue against the flagpole just because a bully tells you to!

No, it's darn cold in them there hills, and it doesn't feel much warmer inside the house! I know, however, that once I step into that frozen airspace, the hairs on my head will freeze to my scalp (because I took a shower this morning). This means hat. My skin on my hands will dry and redden. This means mittens. The hair on the back of my neck will be so cold that I'll catch pneumonia. This means scarf. And all the heat of my body will migrate to my central parts to keep the vital to life organs from shutting down. This means coat. My toes will turn blue at the prospect. This means boots.

And I left my boots at the office.


I am doomed.

And everyone at the office is sick and coughing. Something that I seriously wish they would stay HOME to do. So far (knock on the plastic keyboard), I haven't come down with the ick--and I've been using hand sanitizer a lot more often lately. I've been eating oranges. More vegetables, please. Stocking up on the vitamins and minerals that my body needs to keep me healthy, even in the office onslaught.

On a good note, hubby had another interview yesterday, and he tells me that it went very well, and that he might have found another job that he believes he will enjoy. Plus, it's kind of right up his alley--working with dies and such--I'm hoping that he can get the day shift, but he will probably end up with midnights. I'll have to bring out my Rottweiler statue to put in the bay first glance, and especially in the dark, he looks very real, and has a very toothy grin. He has this look about if to say...

Sure, come on in. I can't wait to taste you!

So extra socks on those feet (yes) and make them wool so you don't sweat and get colder and freeze where you stand.

Good luck as you venture out into the blustery day.

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