Monday, January 17, 2011

Holy Cow at JoAnn's!

I had five students for Knitting 101 tonight. That's a lot of students! They were all happy with what they learned, even though some of them didn't quite "get" all of it, there was some real learning going on, and we all had a bit of fun!

Working on the Gretchen, but found a small roadblock, and I'm waiting for the designer to get back to me on the matter. There's just a little instruction left out that might be helpful for newcomers to knitting and make the pattern easier to understand.

Thinking of the storm that is set to hit tonight, and how it's going to affect getting to the office tomorrow. I hope that the roads don't get too bad, but they are saying "Rain, sleet and snow", and all three make for treacherous driving. Maybe they will call off tomorrow? Especially since I have only a half day. It would be so much better to just wait until noon to go into town. I wonder if they would understand?

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