Monday, March 31, 2008

Spin Night 2NITE!

Although I have no idea what to take with me. Sure, I can take spinning, but it's hard when it's raining, which at the moment it's NOT raining HERE, but it probably WILL BE soon.


For the nth time.

Because it's been storming all day, more ON than OFF.

Wool and rain do not smell good.

So I'm thinking maybe some socks?

I bought this great pattern online this morning...I'm hoping that the attachment comes through okay. If not, I'll just email it to the "other" email address, but it looks like it downloaded just fine.

Also found a pattern for a bag that I am wanting to make...Intricate Stag Bag on Knitting Daily. It's another fair isle endeavor--very nice. I'm thinking I can make it out of some of my handspun--both the grey and the white, and have it turn out really spectacular!

But not tonight, I've wondered if I should take my fair isle sweater with me. It's a lot of yarn to cart around, though, and I prefer to take smaller items to spin night.

So I'm at a loss. I don't really know what I should take!!!

So, instead, for now, will table the effort, and read email--perhaps something will come of that?

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