Wednesday, April 15, 2009


A friend of mine and I took a long walk this morning just to get out of the office for a bit--that was really nice to get away. I felt pretty good afterward. It was a short day, too, because I had a doctor appointment.

In the meanwhile....

Somebody has noticed that I can knit pretty good!

I did my first test on a dishcloth!

Having no idea what the cloth looked like beforehand, but even so, I was able to diagnose what was wrong about the pattern and relay the information to the list owner, and

Here it is!

Beautimus, isn't it?

Tonight when I arrived at the house, Hubby was in the barn making his plantstands again--it's that time of year, I suppose.

So I knit in the barn until he needed my help. I got pretty messy helping, but cleaned up and continued my knitting. I found several errors in the pattern that way. It's a good thing that my brain can work on two things at the same time.


I've been asking the cards whether my ex will be at the Alma Highland Games. The answer was "not bloody likely!"

This is great news!

I'm still working on my Civil War Shawl. It's probably NOT going to be done in time for the Alma Highland Games, sad to say, but I think that it might be ready for some other festivals that I plan to attend this summer. I'm pretty excited about it.

I am working on the edging now, and I got one repeat done on the shawl for the edging. The center of the shawl took 7 weeks to complete on the KAL. I took about half that time--of course, I did work on it every waking hour--I can't put forth that much effort on the edging because the edging is 34 rows, nothing is repeated--so I can't memorize any of it, but I am planning to get the pattern laminated, so that I can use dry erase on it--then I can repeat all I want, and mark off the rows as I knit them with a dry erase marker. I've used this plan before on another shawl, and it works well for me.

Beyond that, there's not much to report, other than the weather, which was SPLENDIFOROUS today.

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