Friday, April 24, 2009

The Quarter Mile

And now, the pictures promised of the birthday party for my grandson--This is my grandson, and his other Gramma--affectionately known as "Gramma Flash". I am Gramma Tenna. Great Gramma is Gramma Sutfin. I think when all is said and done, I will end up Gramma Sutfin someday. I hope it isn't too soon! Look at all those freakin' presents!!!

This is Gramma Flash, our grandson and our granddaughter, Megan in the foreground

Gramma Flash, the kids, Megan, opening her present (she's too young to understand that the presents aren't for her, so we got her a little something), and Auntie Jennie!

Here she is! Miss America!Look at the big surprise!

A ride around the living room...Great Gramma and Grampa Sutfin watch. (Isn't my husband handsome?)

And some of the family again. Don't you just dig family pics?

And now for the quarter mile...Well, I don't mean that I'm going to don my tennies and run a quarter mile (though it would probably do me some good if I did!) --what I mean is that I have reached, attained, passed, the first quarter on CWS--and here's the pic to prove it...

I've been very out of sorts this week, and felt that I needed a day off, so I took today to give me a three-day weekend. I've been outdoors in the beautiful, balmy weather, and have been raking up pine cones--you know the little ones that seem to maneuver their way under the grass from last year that slip so easily through the tines on the rake? Yep, those kind. I've been out picking up sticks, too, and simply enjoying the day. I'm sad, however, in that it's nearly half over, but I intend to get outside in a little while with my knitting to do at least one more, if not two more repeats of the edging.

Ya'll have a good Friday!

For my Ex: Feel free to email me if you like, since I know that you have my email, and I have Yahoo Messenger, which uses my email address, and you can contact me that way. I note that you have not been online yet today, but I do expect it.

Ball now in your court.

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