Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday--Can you Spell S-U-C-K-Y?

Actually, things aren't THAT bad--I finished another dishcloth last night, but I guess I'm not really happy with it. It will make a good utility cloth, but there is a bit of work into it, and I'm a little miffed that one row...

Did you read that?

One wrong. That one wrong row sets off the whole cloth, and well, being this long eared perfectionist, I simply can't live with it.

So I put the cloth in the bathroom to be used as a bathroom cloth (which will get all sorts of uses-including as a household dustrag), and make another, for pictures and for pretty.

I'm also going to make it differently--as the first one I picked up stitches all the way around and knit on a border, which worked fine, but took too long. The next one, I will simply knit on a border and carry another ball of yarn on the opposite side. It means a little extra fiddling, but the cloth is just so much nicer in the end...I'll also make the border a k1, p1 moss stitch, rather than the k4--of course, I reserve the right to change that decision if it becomes even more fiddly.

The cloth itself is cute. I think it's Easter Eggs in the Grass, but here's what I mean about the one wrong row...or, how a set of directions can go seriously awry...

the only problem is row 14 on the Monthly Dishcloth for April--it should read as for Row 46. I changed it on my copy, and will reknit on a smaller needle for my picture for the website.

Did you know that cold coffee tastes really bad when you're hoping that last drop in the cup is still warm? I know that there are people who swear by iced coffee--even drink it. I am not one of them.

My friend Ray tells me that the Alma Highland Festival Program Committee would like to do a layout of me in my garb, along with wheel, sheep and border collie and an interview for the local paper for next year's Festival Program--a booklet that is archived and becomes part of the Festival's historical record!

To be sure, I am ecstatic about the prospect. I can hardly wait for things to shape up for that...imagine what my ex husband will say!

So, I have to go to work now, and that, I suppose, is what is making today so sucky, but I'll get over it. Time to be off. Thanks for listening!

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