Thursday, April 9, 2009

Getting OUT of WORK early!

Friday, I get out of work early, because some idiot decided that I can't work overtime in one week and take it off for a doctor's appointment in the next. Makes it damn difficult to shore up hours to make up for time you're going to have to take mid week another time.

What is the point of this behavior?

It's called being controlling, and I hate it.

Nuf said.

I worked 3 row on CWS today. I feel like I didn't get much done, but in reality, I knit over 3,000 stitches today--and that in only a few hours.

Wasn't the weather beautiful today? Some of the staff and I took a walk outside at lunch time today. I only wore my sweater, and I was DRIPPING when I got back to the office! One of my friends wanted to take another walk at breaktime, but I had already used my break for knitting, so oh well, another time-- I asked my friend if we could walk after 4, but my friend got busy and involved in work, and declined.

Oh well. There will be plenty more where this day came from!

Is everyone ready for the Easter Bunny?

My hubby has Good Friday off, and Monday for good measure. I don't get any days off--save for Saturday and Sunday, which I suppose is just fine with me. I'll get lots of knitting done this weekend, as long as I can knit, since there's a family party on Sunday, which will cut into that precious knitting time.

I am on row 142, having just finished 141. I have 20 rows left to do on the centerpiece. If I only do 3 rows per day, I will have it done in another week (considering I should then be able to get at least 6 rows done on the weekend, perhaps a few days less), and then comes the grinding task of the edging, which naturally takes longest--because you only work off one stitch, all the way around for every two rows, and the last row has nearly 1500 stitches on it.

I intend to give it my best go-ahee, and have it done by June. It would be GREAT to have it done by the end of May however, when I go to the Alma Highland Festival--and show it off to anyone who will come close enough to take a look at it. I can imagine the drooling--the ooos and the ahhhhs. I might even go dancing! Just to allow it to float around me. I know that when the time comes, I will be the belle of the tartan ball.

I might even wear makeup! Good heaven's! TART!

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