Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sundayth Cometh, Sundayth Go..

I've been working on my CWS almost all day. I now have 31 points done on the edging. I am taking a break to rest my eyes. If I continue to do 3 repeats a day, I will definitely get the shawl done by Alma, even with my miscount on the # of days left.

I pulled a card today, the 5 of pentacles, reversed.

The card is titled Restriction. The Pentacles are all wired up in bramble and barbs--Right side up, it means that things simply go no where fast, because something "in the air" is restricting the change/movement/happiness etc. Reversed, it means that things are going much better than expected, the way is wide open for all sorts of possibilities.

And it's been a pretty great day. Before the end of the day, I will have finished 4 total points on my shawl, and I figure if I can get to 32 points, with only 50 to go, and I am able to do 3 daily until done, it will take only 17 days or so to finish, giving me lots of time to block it for wearing at Alma. This is a goal, but I also have other projects that I will need to work on--for instance, I will likely be testing another dishcloth pattern for the Monthly Dishcloth. I think I do like doing this, because not only do I get to see the pattern before anybody else, it also stretches my skill and understanding of how knitted things go together. I can play with the pattern, make it mine, I can change it--for my own use, so that it isn't the same as everyone else's. I can use different yarn. I can throw it in the trash if I don't like it and make another that I do like. The possibilities are a little more open for me.

Therefore, I need to get my shawl done. I am happy and satisfied in my life as it is now. I can go forward from here with confidence and without fear. Alma is going to be great, whether my ex shows up or not.

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