Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday Recap and Sunday

Well, yes, I did in fact, get everything done that I was hoping to get done, AND as an added plus, I got 3 repeats done on my shawl. Of course, the 3rd repeat was a little tricky for some reason (probably just tired, to be honest, and one should never knit lace when you're tired....), and I had to tink it SEVERAL times before I could finally say AHA! Done!

This morning I grocery shopped, since I wasn't able to do it yesterday. Hubby wanted to work on his mother's yard again. My entire day was knitting and resting. Just a lovely day outdoors as well.

Oh, and the joke that I sent my ex hubby? I got an email back. I have mood watch on my email client, and there were THREE RED CHILI PEPPERS next to this email (which basically means, you really don't want to read this), so I didn't. I just deleted it. Not really. It's in my junk folder. I sent it to Ray, though, who will read it and report. With 3 chili peppers, I'm not taking any chances.

So I took a quick pick of my shawl...

See? Seven repeats! Only 42 days to the Alma Highland Games. If I can get those two repeats in every day (more on the weekend, if possible), I will make it with time to spare spent blocking! I am literally in heaven over this.

Or maybe it's the fact that things are really turning green outside, and coming back to life?

Today is my grandson's birthday, and we are having a party for him at his great-grandmother's house (at my hubby's mother's), and I can't wait! I got him a cool book about Earth and Space, and a kite with Spiderman on it, as he likes everything with Spiderman, Batman, Wolverine (okay, you get the idea) on it. I could have made a Spiderman Blanket, but there was just not enough time, and I could have made a Batman Illusion Cloth (pattern even in hand), but ran out of time for that as well, and with the deadline for the shawl looming--well, frankly I thought his birthday was farther along in the year. I won't forget that again! It's in my day planner now on my Blackberry! The light of my life!

Tomorrow is my step-son's birthday. He will be 29. I got him some of those Sham Wow's, although I think he would have appreciated shop rags more--he's a mechanic, and always has a need for those cloths for wiping off this or that greasy, oily thing, including his hands. Maybe next year.

I've done fairly well by my hubby's family this year, and haven't forgotten anybody. I'm hoping that when my birthday rolls around, I will have lots of presents, but being that it falls right around Christmas time, I'll be pleased if I get Christmas presents what with the economy and all that. We will see.

In the meantime, I am going to work on re-writing the pattern for the Civil War Shawl. I think that it could be tons easier--especially a bigger font, and shortening up the directions a little--make them easier to read. Times New Roman font isn't my best loved font for some reason.

In any case, after, I hope to work another 3 repeats of the shawl, and then go to my grandson's birthday party. And that will be my day!

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