Thursday, April 2, 2009

Boredom, Thy Name is Work...

Today, we found out that our computers were being upgraded/updated and that some of our software might not get installed completely on the first day...

Well, that was today.

I ended up leaving the office at 10:30, coming back at Noon--only to find out that I really can't do any work, because the software that I need didn't install--so at 1:30, I left the office again, this time for the day.

Oh, sure--they could have had me do something interesting--like filing--and anybody who doesn't realize the sarcasm in that statement should be shot--which is the main reason why I didn't stay. I detest "idiot" work...

Now, that's not to say that only an idiot can file, because a true idiot can REALLY foul up a filing cabinet, but to foul up the entire works, as you know, requires a computer. So I was unable to do my job today--murder, madness and mayhem, my work here is done..

So I came home to find out the the rows for the Monthy Dishcloth aren't correct--too bad that I had already knit 4 rows--I won't pull them out--I'll just keep knitting on. After I get today's rows done, I will work on CWS--and a sock pattern that is my next project, found here....

Now those I can really wrap my needle around.

So, I'm off to check the daily rows!
Oh, wait, I wanted to say one more thing....

Today, I got an email from my friend Ray--I've blogged about him before, and there's usually no trouble, but this email just had a totally different flavor, and I took HUGE offense to it, and wrote him back, including the email he sent me, and told him that under no circumstances was he to EVER write me at the office again, and that further emails WILL be rejected and denied delivery with an explanation that he is to only email me at my home address.

I also stated that his last comment in the email was COMPLETELY inappropriate for a business computer, and if he ever wrote that sort of thing to me in an email again I would sever our friendship and shut down my account at yahoo, change my email address and never reveal it to him.

Sufficiently hot?

Let's just say that his last comment on the email was something about licking and tasting good--and it was enough to send me over the edge on the angry scale. Other people have been FIRED for such language--and it came across as a secsual come on--and this man has no business carrying on that way over me--a married person--HAVE SOME DISCRETION, for Pete's sake, and keep your fantasies to yourself! BOY was I mad, and he GOT it, both barrels.

So now, having said all that, I can shut down, and let you drool over my next sock project.

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