Monday, April 20, 2009

When Imagination Overrides Reason

I spent the earlier hours of my sleep time trying to GET to sleep. I didn't succeed very well due to having a lot of worry and concern about the email that was mailed to me from my ex--and today, because os said "fretting" I am pretty well suffering in the restroom from stress related IBS--let the reader understand--those who don't--well you don't really want to know, quite honestly.

Critical systems are down again today, so I am working the new software training. This is actually a good thing--even though I'm not a case worker. God knows that might change one day. I sure hope not.

At break time I got 9 rows done on a repeat--and it's possible that I'll get another full repeat done today before going home. If that happens, I may also get a repeat done at Spin Night--and another when I get home while watching Medium. In the meanwhile, I need to check the cards to find out what may be going on in the background here and there.

My hubby's cousin has ALS, and she's not doing very well. Poppa said shed be gone by next Fall, and considering how quickly she's going downhill, I believe he may have been right. Time will tell.

My grandson's 5th birthday was yesterday, and we had quite a party! Pics to come soon inside this post.

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