Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bullion Stitch in Crochet

I'm making another block with JoAnn's crochet block pattern. I crocheted the first block using the pattern, and the second block, I crocheted using bullion stitch. I think I like the bullion stitch, because it uses less yarn, and the "look" and "feel" are very similar.

You can probably see the texture on this block, which I feel is more pronounced than the first block I made using a 5 in 1 popcorn type stitch on the first block, which kept slipping to the back of the block. This one, the bullion stitch stays on the top. I thought it worked really well.

Nothing on television tonight, so I'm getting some small projects finished.

The wind and rain howled all night last night. The rain turned to ice, and it's really cold and wet today. We were expecting some snow, but I think it missed us. Even so, the trees are coated with a clear sheeting, and if the sun would just shine, everything would sparkle like diamonds. Our lights died twice during the night last night, and I'm hoping that we are able to keep our electric going tonight--as there is a promise of temperatures not reaching 40F, which is really quite cold for this time of year.

So I'm looking forward to finishing up the block, and maybe getting to the leaf lace hat--all I need to do there is add the beadwork. I would have worked on it today, but I didn't get to work until late (due to icy roads) and because I forgot the beading needle AND the thread. I guess my mind just left itself at home in bed. Work was very slow, and a fair number of people stayed home for the day.

Well, that's all for now...I'll append a picture to this post in a little bit, as I have perhaps 3 more rows to go and I'll be done.

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