Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Half Done With The Hood

The Wallaby is nearly done. I knit a marathon last night watching television, rather than traveling to Lake Odessa due to gasoline prices, and knit 5 1/2" before finally succumbing to sleep and bed.

I'm pleased. It means that the Wallaby will likely be finished tonight when I get home, since I don't have to stop at Lowe's to get 200 watt bulbs for the garage, and I don't have to drop off videos at the video store, which will give me at least another hour of knitting time. Plus that, I have leftovers in the frig, and I can whip those up in a New York Minute, allotting even more knitting time. Do you suppose I'll even get the finishing done?

I'm pretty swamped at the office, and I came home pretty exhausted last night. I actually fell into bed at 9pm, and slept right through until the buzzer sounded, and then I hit the snooze--giving me 20 more minutes to push my husband over to his side of the bed, reconnoiter the covers (since he likes to make a mess of them leaving me to sort out why they are all clumped around my feet.

Oh how I miss his midnight shift...Oh, I didn't tell you...?

Yeah, he got let go--not really fired so much as let go. Quite honestly, I think the boss didn't want to let loose his "take" on the bottom line. Hubby was allowed only one mistake by this guy. The result was getting let go. I think they were having financial trouble to begin with. The job was a piece of candy for hubby, but while getting it was
"in the cards", keeping it, didn't appear to be quite so much.

So hubby is home full time again. I asked him if he thought he would keep looking, and he said he didn't know. I think he's come to like being retired, though he's pretty bored during the day when I'm not home. He wants me to retire, but there is just no way I can do that--

Well, time to let the dog in the house and finish getting ready for the office.

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