Thursday, March 17, 2011 infinitum

I am beginning to tire of the reports from Japan. I feel like people are being lied to--the media, even CNN is lying about the meltdown--people are at risk.

You don't drop nearly 32 tons of sea water on a single plant because it's "lost a little water". That's 64,000 pounds of water, friends. How many gallons? You do the math. It's a LOT.

And there's confusion too, because the Japanese use the Centigrade system for measuring heat and cold. ZERO is actually 32 degrees Fahrenheit. So you know that 60C is a lot more than 60F. Think about that for a minute. Plant 4 is at 90C, and rising.

It's eminent. It's a done deal.They are talking about sending in "heros" to the core to try to make a change--if you don't understand that means they are sending in people to DIE. They most likely will not be coming out alive--even if they could possibly fix the matter at hand.

It doesn't take much stretch to understand that there's someone who is holding back information to avert panic, and if it was me, and I had the money to leave Japan, you bet my last dollar that I'd be on that plane.

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