Friday, March 11, 2011

Finished Wallaby...Notes to Self...

And I've moved on already to another project. This is the double knit hat that I started and had to pull out to make the Wallaby. No pictures yet, but will when I have a few more rows on it.

Note to self--print out the picture of the pattern you plan to use, nitwit.

Okay, changes to make to next Wallaby--

Fewerr stitches on the arms somehow. I don't think that I need quite so many in my forearm. It just adds extra bulk. But then I would also have to have fewer stitches in the body, which to me, looks like it fits just fine. I'll have to discuss this "fitting" issue with a mentor.

And wasn't there a pattern in my chair that I wanted to make? Oh yes, a leaf hat from Joann's. Then I wanted to add beads--green stem beads to vein the leaves and give some sparkle. That's the ticket...

Well, must go to work now. Odd how it really cuts into my knitting time.

Will post a picture of the Valentine socks progress a little later.

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