Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Stands for Knitting Finished, Kitchener Tomorrow.

Which is where I am at with my Blue Wallaby. All I have left to do is the kitchener for the hood and underarms, then the tie, and all is done--well, except for finishing off the ends and blocking, but I don't usually count that. When done, I will model, and try to keep my ugly mug out of the picture so I don't break the camera.

I managed to find the email with the serial # for my knitting software on it, and so I am able to design stuff again. I already started with the design I plan to use on a double knit hat, which I need to get going on again, and soon--I have to teach how to make the decreases at the next Woolgatherer's meeting, and that's going to be difficult if I'm not at the decreases. Soon, I'll be able to take the Wallaby off the needles and re-knit the first 5 rows of the hat, and carry on. Hats don't take long to knit, not even double knit ones.

Only two more days to the week, and then I am off to JoAnn's Fabrics to demo, and Sunday I have to myself. Hubby is asking "Where's the MP3 player, so that I can clean house with it on my head." I'm not sure I want him to clean house. He doesn't really do a good job. Hang up the clothing, maybe. That would be a workable alternative.

Right now, it's time for me to head for bed. I'm a little excited about the Wallaby, but if I stay up too late, I won't be on task at the office. So Goodnight for now.

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