Saturday, March 26, 2011

Let's Not Even Discuss It

Overtime was offered for today (Saturday), and I accepted, on the grounds that I was allowed to do a certain job--which I detest almost as much as filing, and that's sending those files to our records center.

It took the boss all day to decide, and at 4:15pm (a full 15 minutes after I was supposed to leave for home, she finally gave me her answer, which was yes.

And I got into the elevator and said "damn" under my breath.

I don't care much for overtime. I don't really *need* overtime. The extra money is nice, but I don't have children anymore (and that was when I would really have liked it). I am old and crotchety, and grumpy when I don't get my weekend catchup rest from the workweek. Frankly, I figure that I should leave working overtime to the younger set. But for some reason, I decided to accept it this time--maybe it's because all that records center stuff was piling up, and I really don't want my boss to get into trouble with the fire marshall. I mean, files are piled up in boxes against the window. It's going to take me weeks (not hours) to get all those down from the window and into records center boxes to head out for proper storage.

But a few hours will put a little dent in it, and maybe next week, I'll get more overtime to do the rest. Well, that's not good.

After that, my plan is to head to JoAnn's to do some demos- This is of course, as long as I'm not exhausted. I'm hoping to finish sewing on the beads on my hat. I've also considered taking a cord and making a drawstring, lining the bag and using it for a sock project bag. I thought it would look pretty spiffy with all those beads on it.

My mother called me from my son's cellular phone yesterday. It didn't sound like her. At first, I thought it was a crank call. She wanted to tell me that she's going to have to have some eye surgery, and would I take her. To which I said yes. From there, we can go over to the Hobby Lobby, which I haven't been to in a long while. Then home. I've only got half a day on Monday, which means that I'm pretty set for the next week for being short time, and the way the government has screwed the union workers, I won't get paid overtime at all for Saturday anyway. The man is really tricky that way.

Which brings me to my dreams last night--screwball dreams.I dreamed that we finished the garage and turned it into another room for the house--then the neighbor came over and mowed part of our lawn (not very nice of him--because the grass was pretty tall--and he only wanted to finish filling his "bagger" for the compost pile). Which of course, revealed all the junk in the yard, so there was that to clean up. Then, when I went to the barn to look at the livestock (which I don't have anymore), I found 20 bunnies, digging into the ground, one of them so deep that they'd died inside the hole! It seemed to be pretty weird, all these bunnies digging holes like that. Each with their own little hole. One was close to death, but perked up once I pulled him out. One was dead, and the others were fine. I filled the holes with water in hopes that they would fill up with mud and discourage the bunnies from continuing to dig. Then I woke up. It was strange, I tell you!

Well, must let the dog inside, shower to get ready for work. I need to dress warmly, because it will be cold outside and in--I'll stay busy, don't worry, I won't freeze (at least not too hard).

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