Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm Heading Out

JoAnn's is having their Open House today. I will be working at demo today. Not sure if I want to take the hat in--I think I sort of want to keep it on the down-low and work on a project with yarn I bought there--the trouble is that one of my size 8's are on the hat. So it's not like I can work another hat. Plus, I have enough hats. Darn...what should I do?

I suppose I could make a shawl--but that's sort of a big project, and I would prefer to work something smaller for demo.

In the meanwhile, my cats are bothering me for food. I have one sitting on my lap. Pew. She needs a bath. I suppose I should go feed the cats now, then head out for JoAnn's.

After JoAnn's my mother in law is having us over for her birthday. We'll celebrate 3 people at the same time, since the birthdays are so close. I'll be gone all day.

Note to self: buy catfood.

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