Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Progress on Checkers, and world affairs...

I began the decreases for the crown last weekend. Then end result was horrible, so I put in a lifeline back to the point where I was still pleased with the outcome last night, and will rip out until I'm happy again.

Such is the life of knitwear. I have to figure out how to do the decreases while still  maintaining a good looking hat. Perhaps I will consult with Alasdair Post?

In the meantime, I'm working hard at the office, trying to catch up again from a 3-day weekend. By the middle of today, I should be all caught up again, so I am not worried. I was up and awake much too late last night, so I am seriously tired, and after having been feeling ill for a couple of days, I think I probably look frightful--something akin to the Abominable Snowman and Big Foot. I did shower, so the smell is considerably less, but the "look" is just as horrifying.

Getting old sucks. Don't let anybody fool you into thinking it's better than the alternative, which is abject and outright death, but with everything going on in the world today, I'm almost thinking death might be preferable. Any one of these curmudgeons from the Middle East could be Obama's "last straw". Did anybody notice that he was filmed on the phone in a room where blue sheets had been stapled to the walls so as not to divulge exactly "where" the man truly is? For all you know, he could be in Libya filming his little heart out. I really wonder if people really saw that for what it was. It was straight out of a book I read once, where a killer had his hostage tied to a chair in a room covered in white sheets, that just happened to be the hostage's husband's old house! The book was pretty scary, then. And I'm not big on government subterfuge, but there's a reason why the blue sheets were on the wall. Obama doesn't want Quadafi (and yes, I know I've spelled his name a dozen different ways from here to Sunday, just on this blog) to know precisely where our president really is.

And I tell you, that I am hard pressed to believe that he's in some cushy time share in a tropical island. Obama is going after the Libyan leader, and won't stop until Quadhafi resigns. The third leader who is unseated, is unseated with much war and fighting, because he doesn't want to leave his cushy job where he steals from the poor to line his coffers in gold and send his large family (who, by the way also look like psychopaths-even the women!) on hunting safaris in the heart of Africa. Ah, to be rich and dastardly! . As they say: Power Corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

You can't tell that I've been watching the news on cnn, can you?

Not only this, but now more smoke is coming out of Reactor 2 and 3 in Japan, and the problems there are escalating again. The USS Washington has moved off to another section of ocean to steer clear of the radiation clouds. Like I said, a done deal. It's over. Get out. If you have family in the US--GO. NOW. Your food is corrupted. You won't survive no matter how many times the government says it's possible to do so. If you have a bomb shelter to shield you from Radiation, with a good supply of foodstuffs, HIDE. Before Chernobyl happens (again), and sends Wormwood Mountain down on your heads.

But please, close the door on your way out. Thank you.

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