Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another Lazy Day

Not much done today, except answering a lot of phone calls, taking care of people who call one at a time, satisfying their needs and hanging up.

I came in late today, because I felt simply awful this morning--something I ate, I suppose, so I slept a little bit longer, and came in when I felt better. Thus, I stayed later than normal to help make up some of the time, and also took only 1/2 hour for lunch--which means I didn't knit today at the office, but I will get to it this evening after I eat supper.

It's supposed to snow big time tonight, so I will be late again tomorrow due to road conditions. I am not looking forward to coming in tomorrow, but I have a doctor appointment in the afternoon that I must go to.

I'm looking forward to putting my feet up tonight and getting the gussets done on my mochi's. Then I can post them! I am seriously happy with the yarn. Everything about it--the feel, the color--the way it sort of slides into the next color real cautious like--

And now it's time to go home. Whew. Long day!

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