Monday, February 2, 2009

What a LONG day!

Today just seemed to go on forever and ever. I got a lot of work done, but I'm pooped now. I had hoped that Monthly Dishcloths would have the next installment up, but sad to say, it's not. I haven't had time yet to sit down and work on my flower patch socks, because I've been catching up on email and taking a little breather. I didn't do any knitting at the office today, because I didn't take much of a lunch, but I did get out early, which I sometimes like to do. That way, I can get it some sunshine, and there was lots of it today--mostly missed, but what I am getting to enjoy are the last rays of the day, and it's very encouraging.

I have much laundry to put away, and I'm rather burned out at the moment. It's even doubtful that I will get something made for my dinner either, opting instead for a sandwich and maybe some soup--but even that's debatable.

In short, I'm just worn out from the day. It was a good day, but a tough one, and I'm looking forward to watching some television this evening. Planning to watch Medium tonight, as I have said previously, and I can hardly wait.

I know I promised a pic of the sock, but the way I'm feeling, I'm not sure it's going to happen. I will knit later once I get something done around the house, but it might be much later before I actually get the toe decreases I'm not counting on it--it would be nice though, wouldn't it?

There was quite a chat going on in the Weekly Dishcloth group on Bravenet, and covered all sorts of subjects. I turned out to be the Steve Martin of the group (remember "WILD AND CRAZY GUY"? Well, I'm a Wild and Crazy Lady!), and I literally had them all in stitches with laughter most of the time. This sort of thing helps me to forget my troubles, and get on with life. Many times, my zaniness gets me queer looks from people who don't know me, but I remember being this way all my life. It's a coping mechanism, I suppose--keeps me from getting lonely and all that.

So today's card is:

10 of Pentacles reversed-Entitled Tradition-A warning that I'm stuck in a rut and need to get going with the creative juices before it's too late to leave something to posterity--I'm going through the motions, trying to get through life instead of searching for the meaning and questing for my own personal truth. My heart and spirit simply aren't "in it"--it also points to difficulties with finances and money disagreements within the family.

Oh, hell. Just what I need when I'm at a quarter tank! And by that, I mean, come on, guys, I'm tired! Can I just take a little rest?

Apparently not.

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