Monday, February 16, 2009


And a day off work for me! YAHOO! But have you ever wondered why it's a holiday today? I mean, sure--St. Valentine's Day and an extra day off so you can get the housework done because your spouse or significant other took you to dinner and basically ruined your day for housework?


I don't care so much why I have the day off. Only that I have the day off--and I meticulously maintain my calendar to show me those days I have off--whether I know why I have them or not--and today is one of those days.

It's not that I don't care.

Okay, well, maybe it is.

But I have bigger fish to fry--such as how much money can I spend at the LYS? Should I spend that $35 check I got in the mail? You know--things like that.

I'm already considering buying some more of that soft as a baby's bottom Mochi Yarn. Perhaps I'll buy another colorway--red sounds really good. Maybe yellow. I really do love how this yarn knits up, and it's smooshy to knit with. I seriously can't get enough.

My sugar was a bit high this morning, and I had a leg cramp up, but not enough to bring me straight out of bed screaming. The reason is because hubby took me, his mom and his sister to the Chinese place yesterday, and I really ate too much--not to mention the small plate of carbs that I took in for desert--half a spoon of pineapple (in sugar syrup) half a spoon of mandarin oranges (yep, you guessed it) and a half a spoon of chocolate pudding (which I've been craving) and part of a pastry made with philo dough and frosting. This was more than enough to set my soul on fire, and frankly--I'm surprised that my sugar is where it is after all that--um--sugar/carby mix. Yet, my weight didn't fluctuate, and today, I will be working all of that off. I expect that I will end up at the mall sometime today, and walk--miles, I bet--just to get some exercise. So I believe that my sugar will be WAY DOWN before the day is up. Plus, I have to take my meds this morning yet, which I haven't gotten to. So give me a moment, I'll be right back...

I asked the cards what I need to know for today. I pulled the Knight of Pentacles--entitled Husbandry. Oh, geez. With all the stuff I have to do today, and I pull this card? It's telling me that I need to do housework, instead of run about spending $$. Well this is true, but I don't want to be charged for another month for the cell phone that I'm cancelling, and I want to start using my Blackberry. I'm all about that. So I'm off to the races. I'll spend time doing housework later when hubby isn't home...because you see...

He has to work today.
And I don't.
That's serious cause for celebration!

See ya!

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