Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nightmare Plague

Well, I've done it again. I didn't take a sleeping pill last night, figuring that it's a 3-day weekend, and I should be able to sleep comfortably and enough that I can get the rest I need.

Apparently, my body does NOT agree.

I am up at 1:30am from a nightmare. I won't even bother to relate it, out of it's own stupidity--but the entire thing plagues me, because it could have been avoided.


I had taken a sleeping pill. You see, I have pleasant dreams, when I sleep well.

Of course, it's now 2 hours later, and I'm still not back to sleep--so I thought I would blog, and hope that the "tired bug" will bite me.


Bite ME.

You see, I love the information on the internet. That's why I blog. That's why I'm in dozens of groups, both on yahoo and on Ravelry. That's why I knit, and why I read other people's blogs--just to find out what they're working on--and sometimes, that gets you into trouble.

For instance I was reading a blog one day taking a breather at the office, and there was a link to another blog, where the first blog was touting a free knitting pattern, which I thought I might want to look into.

Click on the link, and BLAMMO! Surf Control? What? For a knitting site?

Come to find out the blog had the word S**, and I don't mean See or Say...and so surf control (a modified Parent-control application) stopped the blog from loading. I had to go back to the original blog and check it out, and sure enough--there it was--and so I emailed the link to my home address so that I could look at it in private.

So what is it with you people so fixated on something that you have to have a naked avatar or the words that don't even describe your blog? I mean, come on! Don't you realize that sort of behavior is just a little over the top? Frankly, I'd rather be fixated on something productive...and while lovemaking is fun--there are other things that are "fun" to do and say that don't involve the mediation of a parental control to keep others from viewing what you do on a normal day--and quite honestly, unless you're a tad "teched in the haid", you're not making love 24-7. I know some studs out there would like you to think that's what's going on, but reality speaks--probably not.

I mean, really! Get a life, you guys!

I'm so squeeky clean that I even asked some of my friends who often emailed me some pretty colorful stuff, to please send those to my home address. You know the drill I mean--the Christmas card with the naked fellow lying on top. Granted, he's one handsome dude, but he doesn't belong on the office computer--not even as a forwarded chain email that you sent to all your friends in your mailbox! Please kindly send those to my HOME email if you must. That sort of behavior made me wonder what the other person was thinking, because clearly, they sent it to ME from THEIR work computer. Odd. Simply put, just plain old "odd". And why the "parental control" didn't catch it, simply because it wasn't full frontal nuditry, (and no, that's not a typo), doesn't mean that it isn't somewhat explicit TO ME. Notice I didn't say "offensive". Frankly, it would be nice to have that nice shape...hey! Maybe I won't go there. Hubby IS trying to sleep--and snoring. Snoring husbands are safe husbands, yes?

So I am up and about.

And I find out that it snowed last night. Apparently, pretty treacherous driving for hubby coming home late at night that the stress of it put him right under the covers and asleep in no time. Of course, he does tend to have difficulties sleeping quite often.

Perhaps he should take a sleeping pill--grin--except he SAYS that they don't work on him. Yet, he seems to examine the insides of his eyelids quite often! ;)

But let ME wake up, and suddenly it's a free for all in the queen size bed that houses us both, plus 2 cats and a dog, which also contribute to the lack of sleep not to mention the lack of space. Sometimes the discomfort of not being able to put your feet fully down into the end of the bed is enough to make you get up and walk about the house like a freaking zombie--

Would that I were sonambulistic..but normally, I am not. I wonder if the sleeping pill (let's say I take 2 instead of my usual 1) would be enough to cause it--of if I would simply sleep better? It's hard to say, since I don't abuse drugs that way. There was one night, a long time ago, when I feigned sleep-walking--but never got out of bed--that's sort of a funny story...

It was when I was married to Randy--I was asleep on my stomach, which I did quite often, because Randy was always so--RANDY. But I woke up for a minute or two, and I knew that he was watching me, because of what he was doing at the time, and so I quickly opened my eyes and lifted up on my elbows, gave him this queer-eyed "look", closed my eyes and dropped back down to the pillow.

The next morning, he asked me what was up.

I pretended not to know what he was talking about--to which he related the story--and I gave him this incredulous look and asked him what the **** he was talking about. I think I might have denied doing it, too. Which caused him all sorts of weirdness in his own head. Weirdness, I might add, that came naturally. He was SURE beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was awake when I did it, and he wanted to know WHY I did it. I flat out denied that I did it, and he accused me of sleep-waking.

Not sleep walking, mind you, but just sleep-waking.

I told him it was an oxy-moron, and that he was something of a moron (hmm...retrospect) and that it didn't happen, because I don't sleep-walk--so how could I sleep-awake? I mean beyond the fact that asleep and awake are total opposites of each other.

Well, what more can I say. Seriously, I was just giving him a mind f(iretr)uck, which seems appropriate now that our marriage is over (ah, 20-20 again there) by denying that I was awake at the time, but getting all weird about it? Anyway, I'm sure he told everybody he knew about the weird woman he was married to.

About that time, news came out that some women were making love while they were asleep.
OH WOULD THAT I COULD!!! A BOON FOR HUSBANDS EVERYWHERE!! Unfortunately, it wasn't the husband! LOL! Now that makes ME laugh!

A bit of silliness there, but I wonder now if it made Randy wonder if I wasn't getting up in the middle of the night to go and be with some other man. I'm quite sure that it kept him wide awake for a couple of nights anyway, watchful that I didn't sleep walk out the door. Quite a turn of events for a sleepness night, no?

Knit-wise, I am working on the Mini-Mochi Socks (google, pls) and in the Green colorway, which is turning out very

Green. Like frog pond green. Spring and peepers green. Love that green. Fern-frond green. I feel like spring is coming, even though it is snowing. Honestly, I should go work on it, maybe take a sleeping pill and when I get tired, put it down and go back to bed.

Sounds like a plan. I'll see you tomorrow!

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