Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'd Never Have Believed It

I never would have thought that I would blog from this room--but the Blackberry allows it so why not try it out? With unlimited broadband access, I can literally blog anywhere my heart desires--I won't tell you where I actually am, but leave you to guessing.

I pulled The Lovers today when I asked the Tarot what was up with my ex--generally, this card means choosing one thing over another thing, or at best having to make a choice--so I emailed his sister-in-law, who doesn't normally respond to my queries about him, but that doesn't stop me from trying, right? So far, so good, but I wonder if she worries that I might someday use her written email against her--because she is so much more open about things on the phone--so who knows? In the meanwhile, I find beer cans outside the house that don't belong to us or the neighbors, so who is leaving them and why? I mean, that's a whole dime, right? But seriously, it feels like a calling card to me--so I'll have to bring it up to the neighbors again.

Still hard at work on my Mochi's. I may have them done by the weekend.

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