Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's the latest thing!

This looks interesting--Pocket Wheel. Not that I need one, you understand. If I need anything, it's to sell a couple spinning wheels to get a production wheel--one that will spin a lot of yarn for very little effort. The problem is that I have two that I do NOT want to let go of--and the one that I would part with, I rarely use, but I do like spinning on it. It's just simply too big for the area where I spin, and even though it's a lovely wheel, I can't take it anywhere because it's just a mite too big to carry. My Castle wheel (Kromski) is much easier to transport...the other wheel I won't part with is my Electric Roberta, which I can't use until I spring it on my husband who doesn't even know I have it yet.

So what HAVE I been doing for the last several hours having completed Owlie, I was somewhat flummoxed by what to do next. I finally decided to do a little spinning--since I only have a ton of fleece to spin.

But last summer, at a dyeing class in Hastings, I was able to dye some of my wool (a pound) a deep, dark purple--royal purple, in fact. We used the whole jar--as the pan wasn't really deep enough for the entire pound, and because I wanted a really saturated color--we used too much dye, but the end result is a lovely purple. Here's the stuff on my castle wheel--

See the pretty purple??????? This will probably turn out to be socks, but it's about dk weight--so I COULD make a tank out of it--something with some lace, perhaps. The right design has to pop out of the air, I guess. I don't have a particular design in mind--I could make a simple tank top with monkey eyes down the center front--crochet a simple shell pattern around the raw edges in white, and call it good. The color lends itself to a lot of ideas.

While taking the pic, Chat sat on the television--as if to say "Here I am, striking a pose for you! I will allow you to take one picture!" And true to his word, he hopped down after I snapped this one. I suppose he's just too cool for me.

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