Thursday, February 12, 2009

I got a new toy!

Yes, friends, I have succumbed to the pressure, and got my first Blackberry yesterday. This thing frightens me with everything it can do--and I'm not kidding.

It's rather like having a Palm Pilot AND Phone in one. It's got a calendar, a note pad, a task list, ability to sync with my computer and I can transfer pics to it. I can email documents as attachments! I can read my home email at the office!

Heck, I can even get phone calls on it.


Okay, it's more powerful than that steaming locomotive, but it was fun playing with it last night--so much so that I didn't read any email online (just on the BlackBerry, which kept me busy until 11:00 when I turned my computer on to download messages).

I only get about 400 messages a day, and that's most knitting related.

I'd take a pic of it and upload it, but it can't take a pic of itself, unless I'm REALLY REALLY FAST! We'll try it.

Damn ... shoot. I guess I'm not faster than a steaming locomotive.

So yes, I finished my Flower Patch Socks. This was a design that I will do again. The only changes I'll make is to knit in size 2 needles--that's it. Because it's done stranded, they are pretty thick, so winter weather is seriously the only place I'll be able to wear them. Sadly, my feet can't breathe in them, and the wool in the yarn, while it does wick the moisture out some, it can't get it all. They're a tiny bit hard to get past my heel, which is no big deal, but I'm not one to love fighting with a sock in the morning--I can get really snippy--if you get my meaning.

A yarn project's worst nightmare...snippy.

I drew the 5 of Wands, entitled "Grounding" today. It was reversed. It means that I need to seriously buckle down and get some work done at the office today, because it sort of indicates that I'm going to be a little on the wirey side--or a "lack of grounding" or just unable to "get grounded" because it's in the reversed position. This is something that I really have to be conscious of, because if I don't get this one particular job done, other issues will not flow well, and I need to get this first job done before I can do the second job (which to me is the one that needs done more, but what do I know?). The supervisor issued an edict to get the first job done, so I'm doing the first job.

And that's the way it was. February 12, 2009.

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