Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fearsome Morning Visions

This morning, I had a vision, just before the alarm sounded. There is another little girl missing with curly hair and a frilly dress. She was drowned in the river, and caught in some reeds underneath something, which held her down. She was put there by a pedophile, who was literally standing beside the river waiting and hoping for her to come up and float the rest of the way down the river. When I got to the scene, it was as if this man had been MY boyfriend, and he was scoffing at me, and I was trying to hit him, but not being much of a fighter, my fists landed, but did no harm except to make him laugh.

Then suddenly, the little girl--and my mind told me "Victoria", escaped her watery grave, and baby bottles came out, one after the other, and I yelled "Come on! Work Harder! You can do it!", and finally she came out and floated up topside and down the river.

The bank had a breakwater or a bridge where I was, so there was no going into the water to get her, but I figured she would go to ground eventually. This bast (need I go on) stood there laughing. I took off to get help.

He's medium tall, lighter hair short cropped, squarish face, which is pudgy and ugly to my thinkng. Slightly overweight--maybe 200, but no more than that, and vintage trailer trash--and a pedophile. If you think "Sargeant Carter" from Gomer Pyle, you'll have a pretty basic look at the guy...altho he's not a ringer for Sgt Carter, he did resemble him.

I finally found some help to get this idiot (another woman I didn't know), and together, we ran down the street to get this guy, but when we got there, he was, and this is the hard part to describe, completely encased in a plastic shroud--but still alive.

I take this to mean that he's close to being found out, and is trying to kill himself OR he's been found out and is now being murdered. Of course, this gives me NO satisfaction, because I want to hurt him, and hurt him very badly for hurting this little girl. And inside the bag, he's laughing at me.

And there's another little girl missing--the little boy that I didn't know about has been found dead. The little girl is Hailie, but I might have the spelling wrong. I got the idea that the pedophile dressed her up, did what pedophiles do, then tossed her into the swiftly running river, where she drowned. Then he followed her until she didn't come up for air anymore.

How sad and tragic for that little girl.

The little boy wandered out to the pond nearby and fell through the ice. I don't believe that he was murdered, but that his mother was definitely not on top of this little monster! She took her eyes off him for a minute, and he was GONE investigating the interesting stuff out on the lake.

I guess I shouldn't have eaten so many carrot sticks last night. Sheesh!

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