Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fiber Day!

This is what greated me first thing in the morning. A boding of ill weather--a red sky in the morning.

Today my friends and I drove to Chelsea to a fiber fair. I got more wool in this lovely shade of browns and yellows--and 3 books--2 by Cat Bordhi and one older (1996), with some lovely patterns in it in what I like to call "the old style". I apologize for the fuzzy pic. Camara jiggled at the last minute. I didn't want the book jacket to pick up the flash, so I snapped without flash, and this was the result. I can update it with a better pic another time (if time permits, and it's most likely that time WON'T).

I wasn't able to find any white yarn there for my little white owl, so I will have to stop at the LYS to get some on my way through to my MIL's house--I'm not real fond of driving in the weather today--the roads are very slick. We'll be home soon though, so I'm not too worried yet. Well, instead, I opted to stay home. The weather is still snotty almost 2 hours later, and the wind is blowing hard--making for a lot of drifting. So instead, I contacted the LYS and asked them to hold it for me. With luck, tomorrow's weather will be easier, and I can run to the store for some.

People are very ignorant in this weather! I was surprised at the aggressive driving! Our driver is did well, but folks alongside didn't seem to realize that the roads are slicker than goose crap--which in case you didn't know, is very slippery, indeed!

The best story of the day, though, was of this older couple who opened their door one winter night to find a little pig! They let him inside, and while hunting for the owner, they found that he would potty in cat litter, and the husband became very fond of this pig! So they kept it, and live in a very affluent part of town in a 500K home. Imagine that?!

We're nearly to a stopping point, so I'm going to close for now. I'll post pics later.

Here's my progress on the Mini-Mochi's. See how my lace is going down the side? It was a little tricky for a while, but I finally got my stitch count back to where it needs to be. The next pair I will make sure to cast on with a larger needle. These are a little bit snug on the calves NOW, but I am losing weight, so before long (summer?) they will fit perfectly!

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