Thursday, February 5, 2009

Progress on the 2nd sock...

Not that I have 2nd sock syndrome (AKA SSS), it's coming along a little bit slower than the first because I'm also knitting a dishcloth from Monthly Dishcloths.

I can tell that the picture is a pair of lips with L-O-V-E written out a la Love Story Style above the lips, and so the "mystery" isn't so much a mystery anymore. Pics to follow when the cloth is done and on Ravelry.

But I am past the ribbing for the cuff and started on the first row of flowers. I will likely finish the cuff this evening--the heel Friday evening, and the sock over the weekend--if I get a lot of knitting time in.

My spring cleaning bug seems to have died. It's been so cold--perhaps it's just gone into hiding? Friday should be quite a bit warmer, so perhaps it will come out again Friday evening--who knows?

I haven't been keeping up with the posted patterns on Ravelry lately. I'm finding it so much more fun to look when there are a lot of new things to look at. So many new designs out there! How to make a decision on what to make next? I've been buying sock yarn like it's going out of business, but I think that I'm going to devote some time to the Princess Shawl--maybe I'll knit some more on the border and try to finish it so that I can knit on the inside for a while?

For instance WEBS has a nice cap-sleeve pullover for only $3 that I would love to have, but I promised my husband I wouldn't use the credit card anymore!!!! WAH! But you know, as nice a pattern as it is, I would probably have something in my stash of patterns that's very likely similar and maybe even easier. I really must set up a small bank account to take care of stuff I order online!!!

I'm learning how to deal with my doggie based on things I learn from "The Dog Whisperer" television series and book. Now that I don't have sheep, I have a frustrated Border Collie that needs to be able to get out and run--the BAD part of that is that she doesn't STOP running--or rather that she doesn't run in a circle--but in a straight line. Before too long, she's out of sight, and that worries me. She would likely come home eventually, but it's the enemies that she might run into in the process that I worry most about. So at some point, I have to figure out how to figure this out, because she doesn't come when called...and I have tried everything...all of the old standbys that I've used with other dogs don't work on her. She's got a different command that she pays attention to, from her previous owners, and I don't know those commands--so she doesn't listen to me most of the time, no matter how "calm-assertive" I might be. She is incredibly smart. She even knows when she has to go potty--the trouble is, I don't know her signs. It's a frustrating relationship, for real!

Time to go back to work.

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