Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cards To Contemplate...

I drew the Knight of Swords this morning. Titled "Change". Then I drew the Lover's reversed and the Moon reversed.

This doesn't bode well for the day....

A change occurs (or a different course of action) from a bad choice that leaves the future a bit unpredictable.

Hubby is going to a meeting today with respect to retirement. He still hasn't made a choice whether to retire or to continue working. His decisions are still on the fence. I'm hoping that the meeting will help him make up his mind because we're both a little tired of the uncertainty. He on the side of irritability, me on the receiving end of his irritability. The "not knowing" is basically killing us both...

And even though he knows that I support him which ever way he decides to go, he's still concerned about filling his days with things that he WANTS to do, not just chores around the house, should he decide to retire--trouble is, he can't decide what he WANTS to do--be that learning a new skill or finding a new job or finding a new hobby. His biggest issue with "new hobby" is that he doesn't have one. Not a single, solitary one. (Sorry for the redundancy.)

I had rather hoped that he would have something of a midlife crisis, and buy a motorcycle--now that would have been a bad option for HIM (a good one for me), because he's not really what I'd call a defensive driver. His irritability doesn't help. I think he drives too fast most of the time. But he could buy a motorcycle for ME to drive, and then we could ride EVERYWHERE. And it would be fun.

Hold it. What did I just write there? And it would be fun. Frankly, I'm not sure he knows HOW to have fun. He has put some serious crimps in MY style recently. My "fun quotient" has dropped a few degrees to the point of being lukewarm. Hence the extra knitting on my socks.

I am only 8 rows away from the heel flap. Pics after I turn the heel, okay?

Well, it's time to get going to the office. I have lots planned to do today. I just don't know how it's all going to come together, is all.

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