Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Time Marches On!

And sometimes to the tune of a different drummer.

Take for instance yesterday...ever notice how quickly time flies the older you get? I remember when I was a kid, summer seemed to last forever! I tell you, I was ALWAYS ready to go back to school in the fall. Then, when my son was born, summer didn't seem to last long enough! All too soon, our fun was cut short, and he returned to school.

Now, the days just literally fly by, and then they are gone. Sometimes I burn through days and I don't remember what happened! Monday was one of those days. It's Tuesday already, and I have little idea of how it got here so fast, but here it is, for the moment anyway, and my tarot card tells me to think about home and family. There has been so much in the way of family of late--and I'm considering contacting my sister to take her to dinner for her birthday on Sunday...of course, first comes Saturday, which I'll be spending with my mother and son.

The days are just so busy and full. I'm not even retired yet.

Sunday last, Hubby and I decided to do some work in the yard. He doesn't sleep well, and so I got up early and got started with the area we decided to afford the most attention, which had to do with the sheep pen, feeder, hay mound and so forth. By noon, I was ready to quit! But we stayed out there until 5pm, working on it. I was so tired and so sore that I dropped into bed at 8pm and slept right through until the alarm went off.

Monday, I worked my buns off, and before I knew it, LUNCH happened. Then, I looked at the clock and it's 3pm and nearly time to go home. I even stayed over a half hour to get something accomplished, and then things got BUSY!

After work, I dropped in to Threadbear and picked up a size 1 9" Addi Turbo needle.
Then, I stopped in to Barnes & Noble and picked up Issue 5 of The Knitter. This is a tremendous magazine. Google and subscribe. You won't regret it!
Then, I drove to Kroger's to pick up just a few grocery staples...milk, eggs, pop and a few other items.
Then, I drove home and did something that I never figured I'd do.

I tried on my new glasses. They don't work--maybe I told you that already, but


So for some reason, I tried them on upside down.

Suddenly, I could see out of them. PERFECTLY.

These glasses are going back to switch the lenses. Hopefully, it's a simple surgery. Otherwise, they will have to make the lenses again, and put them in the proper order. I was just livid!! Mostly because the nice gentleman who brought them to me poo pooed me when I said...

"Um, they don't work."

"Oh, sometimes people have trouble for a while with Progressive lenses, and it takes a while to get used to them."

"No, dear, these glasses aren't right at all--everything is FUZZY. I can't drive with these!"

"Well, just give it some time..."

"How long do I have before I can't return them?"

"Thirty days"

"I'll be back Monday."

And that was the end of the conversation. I walked out with my $80 glasses. And while it sounds like an easy fix, if they redo them, and they still aren't right, I have to get my eyes rechecked, and glasses redone AGAIN.

I'm learning to dislike them already.

So back to Monday again....

After the discovery, I drove over to my girlfriend's house for Knit Knight--or Spin Night, depending on the craft you bring with you....and I worked on my socks. They are coming along nicely. Pics tomorrow when it means something.

And suddenly the day was over, and I fell into bed. Funny how that happens.

I hope your days are as full as mine are these days.

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