Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Weekend

Finally here, and suddenly gone. I was really happy to see it come, but it's been so unproductive that it's been sort of a downer. The whole of it has been the single most boring weekend of recent memory, and while I've gone through (almost) 2 more repeats of the pattern on my socks, they are still only 5" long on the leg, which isn't really enough length.

We've been over at my mother in law's house both days, working on her flower garden, moving hosta plants around and pulling weeds, trying to kill off moles and knitting, watching television and worrying about her coughing. We think she has bronchitis again (or still).

The cottonwoods have flowered, and big fluffy flakes of cotton are flying everywhere, making me sneeze huge sneezes that feel like my nose is going to fly across the room! YIKES!

I pulled the wheel for my daily card today. The card is a complete gamble--since it's upright it signifies a favorable "turn" of events, that could easily "turn" into tragedy, should the right conditions exist. Or it could reference the near purchase of a motorcycle this weekend, that ended up not happening. In some ways, I'm glad that it fell through. In another way, I'm not, but it's more glad than not glad, I suppose. Still the addition of "fun" to my life is a bit of a downer.

It was a 1982 Honda Goldwing Aspencade, with a trailer hitch, all the amenities and WHAT A DEAL I WORKED OUT WITH THE DEALERSHIP!!! They were going to put on a new front tire, fix the front forks and put on front brake pads, and let me walk out the door with it for only $2900.

Now that's a good deal in anyody's book, considering that they wanted $3800 for it to start without fixing ANYTHING, my offer was REALLY low. The fact that they were willing to split the difference told me there might be something about the bike that they wanted to be rid of it, but I can't be sure of that. Plus it came with 2 helmets, radio, faring, saddlebags and trunk, light kit and chrome all the way around it, highway pegs, foot boards--the seat wasn't great, but I planned to put my sheepskin on it anyway. I was geeked about it. Hubby was down on the idea.

Too dangerous, he said. Not worried about MY driving, mind you, but the fact that other drivers do not watch as well for motorcycles as they do for cars--some actually look, and still don't see you. Something of a blind spot, I suppose. I didn't want to make Hubby angry by going over his head, and the fact that parts might be an issue in the future finally turned me off to the idea.

I'll wait until he decides to divorce me or when he dies--one never knows which might happen--although I don't see either coming down the pike anytime soon, thank god!

So the wheel comes and goes, speaking to the changable winds of time and space, continually going around and around, ceaselessly, never really alighting on anything solidly, but always spinning, going no where. Bringing joy and pain, life and death, all the duplicity that the world provides, black and white, love and hate...yep, all there.

And that's precisely how I feel--one second up, one second down. The wheel describes my psyche over the last couple of days. So, I knit in order to make sanity out of the insanity. It's been a rough couple of days.

I believe that one day, I will have a motorcycle. When that day comes, I will take a trip across the country to find, perhaps, where I belong in life, and visit friends along the way. Adventure. Fun. Bugs in my teeth.

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