Saturday, June 20, 2009

Finally Finished!

The Socks from the 14th issue of Yarn Forward are finally finished. They are snug, comfy and soft!

It's too bad that I couldn't really get a good picture of the pattern that the cables make--they sure pop off the socks in real life! I'm as pleased as I can be with them. They are so PRETTY! Now to upload to Ravelry and to Sock a Month Blog!

In the meanwhile, I pull another card for myself. Concerned still with last night's nightmare, I pull the Three of pentacles...and sip a cup of coffee. I know what the nightmare is about. Finances are tight due to the furlow days at the office, so stress is higher than normal. The consequences of my actions over the last couple of days--well, let's just say that I do have a concern that hell will rain down all upon me--and I really didn't need all the extra stress--obviously...and so I have NIGHTMARES to beat all NIGHTMARES. Which would lead me to believe that I would pull the 9 of swords, which is the suffering card, but the combination of stressors, beginning with the shortage of funds is the beginning of nightmares. I am taking steps to get rid of the other stressors in my life--cleaning house, if you will.

BEGINNING with my projects that are languishing in my project queue on Ravelry. See that swing sweater over there in the right margin? Well, that's my next "to do". I've done several rows this morning, made breakfast and started blogging. I am on a roll. I should be done with the front today. The back is already done. It's a raglan sweater, and I'll do both sleeves at the same time, trying to match them. The back and front are not so critical. I'm pleased that this sweater is only taking a couple of skeins of my big bag of boucle--I will still have plenty to make a seraphina shawl! YAY!

Lot's of storms the last couple of days too, and I haven't been blogging because of it--I have a problem with losing data in lightning storms. I have a problem with my computer shutting down immediately and without warning when lightning gets too close! Yikes! But today is supposed to be sunny. If I could have taken a pic last night I would have. We have a drain near our home, and it came within inches of overflowing the banks. At sunrise, it had fallen two feet--quite a drop for the amount of rain we got. Hubby left a five gallon bucket outside from cleaning the garage, and when he woke up and moved it there was 3" of water in the bottom! That's a lot of rain in anyone's book!

So, I'm thinking backward in time--now to Thursday. Worked all day, and wished all day that it would go a tad faster, because of the furlow day on Friday, I was geeked up for my weekend to begin, beginning with heading to Flint for band practice. I still haven't really made up my mind one way or another about that--I think they want me to come back, but I can't be sure of course--as no one seems to be in charge of that question, save for the drum sargeant, and I only had a chance to chat with him briefly after practice Thursday night. He was very forthcoming about the music (which I already had), and I spent practice with the pipers listening and drumming on my leg, trying to follow along. Before this, however, I spent with the younger and beginner drummers. This was the most fun that I've had in FOREVER. There was a handsome young man--maybe 6 or 7 years old, strawberry blond hair, adorable face--holding sticks that were seriously too big for his hands (in retrospect, why didn't I give him a pair of my Neil's which are thinner and easier to handle, not to mention lighter?) Anyway, I don't think I ever did catch his name, but he was one of those characters that grandmothers just love to pinch their cheeks, if you know what I mean. I spent a fair amount of time working with him on singles (Stone Breaker) and doublets and rolls. He's very interested, and doing VERY well for his age.

There was also his dad--who has a good deal in common with me--but I didn't catch his name either. He's about 30ish, plays guitar by ear, adopted, learning drums, married, oh, and there was something else, but I don't recall what it was. Sad. They say that there are 3 things that indicate you are getting older. Memory is the first to go, and I forgot the other 2...

There, I think I backed up to the present day.

Hubby is taking me to a concert at the Ionia Fairgrounds today. Sadly, I believe that the Ionia Fairgrounds are currently underwater. We'll head over there to see--but I have a hunch that the concert will be canceled. BUMMER!

And I need to shower before going, so I need to git.

Before I go...

Your tarot card is THE LOVERS REVERSED.

This means that you are faced with a choice today. Your gut is telling you one thing, your head another. Be sure to make the right choice, because it would appear that neither is particularly good--which means that you are presented with a paradox. Wait and see how things go before you act out of impatience. Best to just sit on it for a while yet.

In the meanwhile, enjoy your day!

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