Friday, June 5, 2009


A progress report--it seems like these are taking forever. The pattern is rather complicated with a fair amount of twisted cable stitches, which to be honest, the twisting sure makes the stitch pop off the background, but also makes it easier to drop them when you're trying to knit them!

Here's progress, though, from the last couple of days....

Sorry for the blurry pics. The Blackberry does seem to shake a lot when I take a pic--or maybe it's just that *I* shake a lot. The camera phone has no inertial dampeners like my digital camera has.

I've been thinking a lot these days about getting a motorcycle. This happens every summer beginning from the first moment I see the first motorcycle on the road until

oh, maybe snowfall?

Anyway, with my yarn/pattern addiction, there's no way to afford one--considering the insurance, plates and registration, upkeep and the actual cost of the cycle. It will likely pass me by for another 2 years or more. Now, I suppose that every time I *see* a pattern I'd like to have or a skein of yarn I'd really love to buy because it's "OH SO SOFT", I can say..hmm, another $6 for the Motorcycle Kitty, or another $20 toward the two-wheeler savings plan, and I would have the cost of the motorcycle in no time at all. And there's really nothing to say that I have to have a Goldwing, but that's what I'd like to have--and a brand new one, too...if I could manage it.

Ah, a girl can dream, right.

I miss my motorcycle.

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