Monday, June 22, 2009

Working on it finally...

The swing sweater on Ravelry and on Berroco's site. It's a free pattern, and the directions aren't really all that indicative of what's happening, especially when you get to the point of those decreases on the front and back center panel.

It's a cute idea, but didnt' work out right for here's what I did...

I went along until I had 6 stitches between the markers, two in the middle and two on each side of the outer markers--so picture, marker, 2, marker, 2, marker, 2, marker. Okay?

On the next row 1, I dropped the 2 central markers and did a sl1, k2 tog, psso and a k3together. Then I knit row 2-6 EVEN--no decreases or m1s. Then on the final Row 1, I worked to one stitch BEFORE the marker, slipped it, dropped the marker, slipped it back and knit a sl1, k2 tog, psso. Then I slipped 2 sts, dropped the last marker, slipped them back and k3 tog. Then I knit the rest of the way across and then rows 2-6 I knit evenly. Then I just knit evenly until it was 18" to the underarm and did the underarm decreases etc.

So the back and front are now done. I have located another skein of yarn, and I'm going to cast on both sleeves today for my project to deal with at the office OR, I could take my wheel in--drop it off in the office and then head to park the car...which is what I think I'd rather do, but later, I have to go to the library to pick up a book, so I don't really want to run about with my wheel in the car all day, so I will simply take my knitting. Besides, I have a lot to catch up on!

Tarot card for the day is the Queen of Pents reversed.

The card says to watch out for someone who is greedy and pretentious, or perhaps I'm being too focused on finances and may not have enough to go around. Yes, for this pay period, I DON'T have enough to go around. I think I spent my last dollar buying gas for the car. After the fiasco at the concert...oh--didn't I tell you?

Well, pull up a chair and let me tell you my adventure!

Hubby had promised me a fun date this weekend, and I was seriously looking forward to it! He got tickets to the B93.7 Country Western Birthday Bash held in Ionia Michigan. I was seriously geeked up for this. My hubby almost NEVER takes me out for REAL dates, and this was a big thing for both of us.

We drove to Ionia in my car. It took 2 hours to get to the parking lot--which was nearly a mile from the bandstand at the fairgrounds. The car was overheated from all the stop and going. But we paid our $15 and wheeled into the lot, found a space, and headed off on foot to the fairgrounds.

We were hungry by the time we got to the highway, so stopped in to Little Ceasar's for some pop and pizza, then headed out again. We got most of the way to the entrance, and people were starting to come back. They were telling us that they weren't letting people in. They did not say why.

I was $15 pissed off!

But we trudged back the mile we'd come hike through the swamp and woods with our gear, and went back to the car which was STILL HOT, got in and drove off. I wanted to get with someone to get my parking money back, and there was no one there to give me my money back!

Apparently, they had all been called back to the fairgrounds...something about a riot?

And apparently, at some point after the concert began, they cancelled it due to high water rising--oh yeah, didn't anybody tell you? The Ionia fairgrounds is now the Grand River Flood Plain!

There were cars parked on the grounds that were halfway to the engine block with water as we were coming in. By the time we went back to the parking space, those same cars were now sucking water into the passenger area--dirty muddy water. People couldn't start their cars...and higher water was coming with Lansing's 7.5" inches of rain on Friday night!

Oh, lots of people stranded.

I'm glad I didn't try to go in--didn't really want to be involved with the riot. And glad we parked where we did, and didn't try to cross the puddle (which was 5 feet deep before the dump truck brought in several hundred yards of gravel, which simply washed away and left a 3 foot deep puddle that was over a mile long! The 4-wheel trucks that traversed that were stranded too. Dumbies.

But I'm still ticked that I paid $15 for parking. I feel like I was rooked out of my money, and so I'm going to contact the Ionia Chamber of Commerce to discuss the matter. I don't believe they should be allowed to keep that money!

My son and hubby both say I'm wasting my time. I probably am, but it never hurts to try!

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