Friday, June 26, 2009


Oh NO!

Seriously, people! OH NO!

My dog started to bark tonight, and I thought she wanted to go out to shake the dew, as it were, and so I got out of bed to let her out, thinking it likely that she wouldn't go out for hubby, and when I did, my CAT slipped out--Smokey, my long-haired ragdoll--between my legs and into the night!!!

Now, she's been outdoors before, mind you, but not since the coyotes came around, and so now I'm terrified she may not ever come back!!! The fact that my attempts to catch her, never mind the dog chasing her, might hamper the return faces me too, because in trying, not only did I pull her tail because I couldn't see her well enough, when the dog went flying after her, I got a rope burn on my thigh!

OMG! Now, this SOB hurts like an SOB! I've got ice on it, and it STILL STINGS! I tried to clean it off with a little peroxide..YIKES! I won't make THAT mistake again! But it had to be cleaned off. The rope is none too clean being outdoors all the time.

So I'm crying. Lost my cat and my leg hurts like ach ee double toothpicks, and if something happens to my cat I'm going to be really upset.

Of course, hubby, caring soul that he is, wants to know what all the ruckus is about, and when I tell him, he says "Oh, she's been an outdoor cat before!" and then when I told him that I got a rope burn, he looks at it, and says "yup, that's a rope burn. Does it sting?"

Alright, so he's not much of a nurturer! He assured me she would be back, and if not, then she'd be gone. Yeah, nuturer...

So, I'm at my blog, seriously upset. Angry with the world. Waiting for my cat to come home...and he comes out of the bedroom, because I've been sleeping since about 7 pm, tired from not having gotten enough sleep the night before (and an ice cream treat from Wendy's restaurant that's a no-no for my diet), and suddenly up at 10pm...and he's wondering if I'm going to stay up all night now that I've been sleeping all evening.

Yeah, nurturer...

Like Jackie Gleason always said "One of these days, Alice, one of these days POW! Right to the moon!"

But I respond with, "just go to bed, I'll be in presently." This old gal has learned a thing or three about not responding how she really feels (but only sometimes).

So I'm sitting here in front of my puter, with a bag of ice on my leg, trying to cool the burn. Any sort of warmth on it makes it sting.

So I decide to open the mail.

Hmm...a credit from the Insurance company, always nice. They're going to apply it to the balance--even nicer! Hubby always pays his on time, and I pay mine in increments, so the credit will be applied to MY account, rather than HIS, and that's as it should be, since I have a higher premium, as I still have comprehensive coverage on my car, I think it's only fair...

Okay, and a thank you card from some kid that graduated--who's he? I have no real idea. Must be we mailed some money to him, because the picture inside wasn't the kid I was expecting...who is he? I'll have to ask hubby when we get up in the morning.

And finally after all this time, the coupons for the Kentucky Grilled Chicken from KFC! We have been waiting for at least 2 months for the rain checks to arrive....background story....hubby's mother gave us some coupons from the local paper to get some of this new-fangled chicken from KFC, but they were out the day we went, so they gave us a rain check application. We've been waiting patiently for the rain checks to come. They are now here.

I can't believe I didn't blog about this before, but there you go. That's the mail. Pretty ordinary, eh? But money's money--and it can stay in the household or my pocket for a little while longer. And, since there's a KFC in the area, we might take advantage of the coupons this weekend! One more day that I don't have to cook is a GOOD thing.

I'm worried about my cat.
I wonder if I'll get much sleep tonight?

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