Thursday, June 18, 2009

What Has Blogger/Blogging Meant to Me---

Blogger has become a best friend after a fashion...

It is, after all, where I go to post some really personal stuff--and some not so personal--about the relationships I've had over the course of my lifetime, how silly reality is for me sometimes--it's where I go to rant and rave about someone who really ticked me off. It's where I post information about the projects I immerse myself into--ranging from knitting to tarot to Scottish Drumming and playing with Bagpipes. It's where I tell everyone about the birthday party I attended, or the spinning on my wheel. It's where I keep pictures that identify me and my family as the people we are, and the sometimes odd relationships and how they change over time.

Blogger goes there with me--willingly! Can you image? Laughing, crying, rant and rave, blogger is there! And while my life has never run in a straight line--in fact, I think of it more like a butterfly, nesting on each little flower that happens to catch it's eye, then flying in circles overhead until the next flower...even when life is hectic and the forces of nature seem to drive my psyche into the ground, I still find time to tell my best friend what I did today...if anything indeed happened.

And it usually does.

Today is no exception...more on that'll have to read the next post to catch my meaning!

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