Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Tarot Never Lies

I have a person who IM'd me from Dubai, asking for a reading--

Burj al Arab Hotel in DubaiImage via Wikipedia

Now the first thing I do before doing a reading, is to reach out into the ether to get a "fix" on that person.

I suppose that's rather a silly thing to say to someone who likely may not know what that means...but in a rather simple explanation, I just ask for "insight" on who or what that person might be...whatever it might be.

For this person, I got an immediate vision that he was in jail.

Now, I did ask if he was in trouble, and then if he was in jail, to which he replied yes and no respectively. But the cards don't lie. And my visions, while sometimes "off" do not lie when I'm inquiring about someone that I have never met. That day, I drew the 9 of swords and a couple of other cards that implied to me that indeed, he was in some sort of deep trouble.

Nine of SwordsImage via Wikipedia

Today, I drew again. 9 of Swords, Emperor reversed, 2 of swords reversed.
Suffering and night terrors speaking to the childish behaviors that plague you, you will need to wait for the results of your recent decisions.

When I inquired how he lost his job, he indicated that it was due to cut backs in the company. To which I remember thinking "In Dubai?" Since Dubai is one of the richest cities in the world, I tend to be dubious about his answer. Although Accounting is considered to be 100% expense in the business world--a task that can be taught to anyone off the street, literally, should they possess enough smarts to get them by. So Accountants are the first to go in a company experiencing financial difficulties, in favor of someone who will work for less.

So I'm not exactly sure that some of his statements are truthful--like I say, the Tarot never lies.

So we will see.

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