Saturday, June 13, 2009

Today, my son is--

I feel so OLD!

I celebrate my son's birthday today, although his birthday is Monday, we are celebrating it today.
He will be 30 years old Monday.


Do you know what that means?

It means that I am WAY WAY OLDER THAN THAT!

And I want a motorcycle????? Am I DAFT?

So for a tarot card today, I pull the 10 of pentacles from the Robin Wood deck.I ponder on the card, as it's my "daily card" as I often will pull a card for my day. It's simply unbelievable how these darn cards can figure out what's going to happen in my day!

The 10 of Pentacles is a time of wealth, sharing wealth with friends and family. Meeting up with family and good times and did they know that I'm going to my mother's to see my son to throw a little birthday party and buy him a pair of shoes for his birthday?

It's a little scary.

Of course, the card shows a blue sky in the background--I'm hoping that it means the sun will come out, because right now, it's leaking outside. I'd as soon prefer a nice day.

But I often wonder how the cards know what's happening in my day sometimes. This isn't the first time something like this has happened. This is out of a 76 card deck--Someone factor out the odds of that particular card being pulled for the day on the very day that I celebrate my son's 30th?

Well, enough obsessing on the matter. Not all things are chance happenings. The real test is if the card gets pulled on his birthday again next year, right?

In the meanwhile, I have things to do today--grocery shopping for one. Beyond the cake and ice cream, we are nearly out of everything, because I haven't been to the grocery store for much of anything for several weeks--even Hubby is noticing! We're starting to drain the freezer of food! Raiding the stash, as it were.

And I've got socks to knit. They are turning out so pretty. I got the gusset decreases done last night, so now, I'm down to knitting around and around on the foot, the pattern on top, stockinette stitch on the bottom. I expect that it will go much faster than the leg, which is patterned on both front and back. Sorry that the pic is so blurry. Sometimes my phone takes spectacular pics. Other times, well, what you see...

I can't wait to finish them because there's a little halter top that I want to make. And the translation button is right there at the top, under the British flag, then click on Sto Traducendo (which might mean "your translation" in Italian, but what do I know?). It's knit, and mostly mesh, and it's not really a pattern, but more of a "jumping off point", giving dimensions, rather than actual "stitches", but that's fine--I can use whatever I want for the lower end, and then pick up stitches for the upper and knit it! Or, I can look for a crochet mesh pattern on the web and work that, picking up stitches at the top of the mesh and knit the rest of it. It's in a cotton, but doesn't necessarily need to be. Dimensions can be adjusted to fit my own, slightly expanded (Can you say, short rows to make room for my bigger boozooms?) upper half, I have some merino silk that I made a hat out of that would work up just beautiful for this--I could add beads for sparkle (maybe) and or work in some stripes, top half in one color, lower half in another. The possibilities are pretty endless! So I'm fairly excited about this little wonder.

So Hubby is barking for breakfast--oh, wait, maybe that's the dog? Well, whatever, someone wants breakfast, I guess. So I should get moving.

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