Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blogging from My Phone...

I turned in a bug report for the Bolt Browser, which is the browser I use on my cellie. Guess what? They fixed it and sent me an update today that fixed the very bugs I reported. This thrills me to no end, because it makes it WAY easier to blog from my Blackberry!

I've been on my own all evening this evening since hubby is over at his mother's house working on something with his son in the barn. I called to make sure he was ok--since he doesn't do well driving after dark, but he was still there and I told him to sleep over. With all the deer running about, I believe it's safer that way.

So I'm watching television and suddenly get a chocolate attack. What to do? So I made a cake. I ate some of it right out of the oven. Presto! Chocolate attack goes away!

I haven't knit on my socks this evening. I'm trying to decide what I want to do about them. They are slightly too long. I think if I wash them they might shrink a bit--but if not, I might opt to give them to my son for Christmas. If that's the case, I probably shouldn't make them too feminine--put in frilly patterns and such--but I tell you, if I make them unisex, wash them and they shrink the way I want--I'll be mad that I didn't make them frilly!

I am never satisfied!

Tomorrow is Friday. I have almost worked a full week. I suppose it hasn't been too bad. But I have been tired nearly every day. I have to get up early to shower in the morning, so maybe I shouldn't stay up to watch "The Mentalist". I wish I could remember how to set up to record on my VCR!

I think I'm going to work a bit on some spinning for a while--maybe tomorrow. For tonight, I want to watch television and blog.

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