Saturday, October 10, 2009

Good News and Bad...

The good news is that I can still use the old whorl for my Kromski Wheel. The good news is that the whorl that The Woolery sent me, while smaller, WILL go on the shaft of my fliers, albeit, the one will only screw on backwards. The other one won't go on AT ALL.

The bad news is that Kromski has changed some things about their line, and so they don't make the larger whorl anymore. And that makes me sad. They have also changed the flyer assembly, so IF I want a new flyer for my Kromski's (and I have THREE of them), I will have to use the new "improved" style, which I have no idea if it will fit my wheels or not. I'd like to find out, but it will cost me some BUCKS to do that.

The good news is that I finished the Path of Flowers Stole. It is blocked and I just have to weave in two ends.

The bad news is that I really don't have anyplace to wear it--rather like my Civil War Shawl. I suppose I can wear it to Scottish and Civil War functions, but since Ray is the only one I know at those things--well. I guess I just don't know yet what I'm going to do with it.

The good news is that Stephanie Pearl-McPhee has put out a new pattern for a cowl called "Pretty Thing". And it is a pretty thing. For $5 it's yours (and mine). I bet this designer earns at least $5000 for this cowl--that's how popular she is, and how pretty the cowl is. You'll find it easily in a search on

The bad news is that I have to buy some cashmere yarn to make it, which means....
Good news! I get to go to the LYS to buy more yarn!
The bad news? With who's MONEY?

The good news is that I am nearly done with my monster socks.
The bad news--they're probably going to be too long. I think I may have said so in my last post, but
The bad news--I'm losing my memory. I suppose that in some instances that could be good news, especially in the case of someone I do not care to mention ever again.

The good news is that we will likely get the air conditioner out of the window and I got a space cleared in the closet again to stow it away.

The bad news is that we have to turn the heat on, 'cuz it's gettin' COLD in dem dere hills! Which means that I will have to buy corn soon, and well--the crop hasn't been combined yet. What's totally weird about all that is that I actually have the money to buy the corn this year--and certainly now is better than later, although...

The bad news is that we'll have to move things around in the garage in order to make room for the new bags of corn, so we use the older stuff up first. And...

The bad news is that we also have to pull out the corn stove and clean it out, which means pulling out all the corn that's already in it, before we can pull it out.

The good news is that hubby retired. The bad news is that he's fidgeting in his seat with nothing to he's

Good news...looking for work--bad news, he hasn't found anything he thinks he'd really be interested in--other than work that he's been doing for the last 30 years. I think he shouldn't have retired, but it was the best option at the time. So I will have to put him to work on some of the bad news. He's not going to like that--and by the end of the day he will be one of those Grumpy Ole Men (GOM) and I'm not about to put up with THAT today.

Because I have things that I need to do, too. Like drink my coffee. Eat my breakfast. Buy some groceries. Buy that cashmere yarn. Finish the socks. Laundry. Vacuuming (Dr. took me off the 10 pound restriction.). Feed my snake.

Oh yes, more bad news--another one got away--probably eaten by the cat. So now I have only one.

And if the sun comes out, the lawn needs mowed. The AC needs to come out of the window and stowed away. The corn needs to be removed from the stove so that it can be pulled out of it's cubbie hole in the wall, and the ashes can be removed and the pipes swept--which alone is a big and heavy job. The garage needs to be reconnoitered. And this is what it looks like outside:


They told us SUNSHINE!!! grrr.

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