Saturday, October 31, 2009

Socken Progress...

Well, I had a problem with the vikkel braid because I was knitting it wrong. I figured out why on the drive home. I put in a life line and frogged back and set it aside.

When I got home, hubby informed me that he was unable to get on the internet.


His buddy had come over and done some checking on our systems, and reconnected the router incorrectly, claimed it "looked" right, and left before checking whether it was or not.

I spent the next hour and a half, trying to figure out what he'd done, and finally call my guru.

Early on in the conversation, he asks me, "Are you plugged into the router right?"

Well, I had no idea that hubby's friend had even bothered to unplug the router, so I said "yes, I think so."

"It's not plugged into the internet port, is it?"

"No," I explained, "I haven't moved or changed it since you last touched it."

All this while, hubby is lying in bed, listening to the one sided conversation. And finally, after nearly 2 hours of fret and stew, I actually look at the back of the router, and sure enough....

"Hubby," says I. "Did your friend reconnect the router?"

"Yes," reports hubby.

I moved the plug, and all suddenly became right and one with the rest of the world.

Imagine my relief.

I promptly told my husband that his friend was NOT to touch my machine without my being here. It's bad enough to have your computer down, but network stuff drives me CRAZY, because I have a tenuous grasp of what they mean and how they really work. They are Greek to me. My guru understands them in a big way, and that's how he can diagnose stuff like this over the phone to network idiots like myself.

I'm glad I set the knitting aside.

Tonight, I re-knit the vikkel braid properly. Then I knit 3 more rows.

Here's the pic.


Of course, it would over-expose, but at least the color is closer to reality under the Ott light. The dark grey line is the life line that I decided to leave in--just in case I run into trouble elsewhere, but I'm not expecting anything. I just had to set it down for a while. The house is cold and my fingers are numb, so I figured--time to blog.

Today, I got groceries. I spent nearly $300. I can't believe how pricey groceries have become! I was so cold, that I decided to make some hot, homemade soup, and determined that I would make a cabbage soup--and then hubby, after eating a bowl or two, informs me that he doesn't like cabbage soup.

Well, there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, it's quite good. It will make a good supper for the next several days--especially if he doesn't eat much of it, right?

I also purchased the cotton yarn to make "Best Witches" from Rachel's Knitting Room at Yahoo Groups, and bought some sock yarn in grey to make hubby a pair of knit socks--then 6 skeins of Bernat acrylic in nearly the same color to make hubby a sweater--a simple raglan with a cable down the front--which I think will suit him well.

I've been working feverishly on a shawl KAL that I started with a friend from California. She told me that she was to row 123, so I knit to row 122. She determined that she was off a stitch, and so went hunting for the problem. I hope it hasn't put her off continuing to knit it. It's a really pretty pattern. I almost wish that I was doing it in a color! Instead, I'm using up some of my laceweight scraps--the next shawl will come out of a new pound of laceweight, and I dare not forget the mohair cone I have downstairs, too. Plus I have lots of cotton, and the Princess Shawl (which still haunts me).

You knew I'd get to haunting before the end of my post, didn't you?

Which brings me to a Tarot Card. It's been a while since I've done one--and this time, I pull the Queen of Swords, entitled Imagination. Now, the Queen of Swords generally means I'm being a bitc (need I go on), and that I should lighten up, because I'm hurting a relationship with my caustic behavior. With hubby's mood being tarnished by the lack of employment around here, being unmotivated to do much of anything around the house, including lighting the fire when it's finger numbing cold in the house--well, my mood is about to sink. I have to seriously be imaginative where he's concerned. Since the way to a man's heart is through his stomach I thought cabbage soup would make him appreciate me--but alas...So apparently, there is only one thing left to do--

Oy, the things a girl has to do to get by in this world!

What's crazy is that last night, we drove to the toy store, and didn't find anything intriguing. So we just came home and went to sleep. I don't know--it worked for me--I was exhausted from a long day at the office. But he's got nothing to do but either sit and stew about how bored he is, or sleep. I wish he'd go to school or something! ANYTHING! And my frustration, which basically feeds off HIS frustration, well things are coming to a boil in the pot--and I haven't any idea how to keep the lid from blowing off the top and clattering across the floor!

Maybe I could use the Queen's sword and slice him to bits, but that's going to get me nowhere. Instead, I have to use my imagination.

Maybe I'll make pudding instead--chocolate, to elevate his mood. What do you think?

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