Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Week Begins Anew!

And finds me catching up on scrappy knitting. Jeff and I breakfasted at Denny's this morning (since I woke up at 4am, it was a long wait for breakfast) a bit earlier than usual, which brings us home to work on things that need to be worked on...

like the mower...

Oh, wait, did I say "Today, you have to work your buns off around here, baby..."?

I worked a little bit more on the Log-Cabin Scrap knit that I started some time ago, and I'm finding that while I like my starts to happen on the right side of the work, it doesn't use up ALL the ball, and I end up tossing out too much. So now, I start on the wrong side, or in the middle, of any given row. As the work becomes bigger (and it will), there will be more starts and stops. Eventually, I may even work it as if I were working a square shawl, but I'm not close enough for that.

In the meanwhile, I did finish the Wavy Riblets and promised a picture today, but sorry--it's not finished blocking. It was late last night when I finished, and I was too lazy just didn't have the heart to get out the ironing board, iron and wet cloth to do the blocking. However, it IS on wires. If it made a pretty picture, that's what you'd be seeing now.

I guess that Jeff is cold. He's back in bed being lazy, when he should be fixing the mower. This is really irritating. He gets upset with me if I do nothing but knit, but when he languishes in bed, I can't say anything about it without an argument. If he doesn't fix the mower today, it will be another week before he can pick up leaves. It's supposed to rain all week next week off and on, which means WET LEAVES all week. Should any sort of wind pick up, we will be raking leaves in the ditch (which is a huge job, and VERY hard on both of us--so God help us if we have to wait until the Spring Thaw!).

I'd just as soon have him pick them up with the mower, which mulches them and makes them small and compact, and we can burn them on the back 40. It works out well for everyone.

Especially me, and I'm the one who counts most. That's why I knit.

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