Friday, October 30, 2009

Sock Progress

Well, it's slow, because I'm only working on it here and there at the office right now. I'll bring it home this weekend to work on it because the KAL shawl is all caught up, and there will be a wait for a while before the next installment comes out.

So tonight, it's very likely I will make a ton of progress on these. Sorry that the color is so darn horrible--what can I say? Fluorescent lights give off a greenish glow that wash out the beautiful yellows and oranges in this yarn! Would that it had some red and pink and purple in it, it would be the color of sunrise--a color I LOVE, but can't seem to duplicate with dyes.

Don't you just hate when that happens? I mean purple, red and yellow make something the color and consistency of MUD. It's not pretty, trust me.

The other thing I was pondering this morning is the changes in how you go to the family doctor (general practitioner) and tell him/her about this/that ailment.

Do they fix it?

Not usually. If it's a cold or the flu, they can give you a pill or a shot, which usually doesn't make you feel better for several days, but

If your foot hurts

If you have a little spot on your arm

If your back has been bothering you

THEY REFER YOU TO ANOTHER DOCTOR--meaning that you end up paying for 2 doctors (and sometimes 3 if you want a second opine) instead of just your gp, with whom you know is intimately knowledgeable about your body and has possibly seen it many times.

And the news is telling us that soon, there will be a shortage of doctors.


When a single person has to go to 2 or 3 for the same thing, it would seem like there is no SHORTAGE, just an OVERAGE of doctors who are so specialized that they've lost sight of the goal to help people and are looking to line their own pockets and pay their school loans off as quickly as possible so they can pay down that $500,000 house!

More later on this subject, as I'm rather miffed about it.

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