Saturday, October 17, 2009


Well, it got down to the 20's last night, which the weatherman predicted, and since we didn't leave the heater on last night, things are really chilly inside the house. I drank my 2 cups of coffee, and think of warming my hands with another, but instead decided to light the corn stove.

But since SOMEONE left the lamp oil outdoors last night not to mention the matches, nothing is lighting well this am, and I am still cold.

The good news, is that the sunrise sky is wonderful with color..


And in other good news, I am nearly done with the monster sox. I am at the they will be finished presently..


Yesterday, I took a day off work to take my mother to the doctor's office to get her set up for her surgery, and I found this...


To make this...


From Nicky Epstein's "Knitting for Your Home". When I saw this pattern, I thought of my mother immediately, as she collects everything piggie--and for the last several years, all she's received for birthday or Christmas is something piggie-themed. I figure I should probably switch to some other type of thing, but for whatever reason, things "piggie" seem to pop up everywhere, and I can't resist.

So now, the corn stove is finally lit, and the house is warming. The sun is up in the sky (soon to warm up the rest of the world. Life seems good again.

Today, there are plans to fix the ceiling fan that fell on the floor a couple of weeks ago--note the hanger in the ceiling--ceilingfan.jpgI'll have to buy potatoes to get out the bulbs, some of which were those energy saving bulbs that are suppose to have mercury in them--and you are supposed to call hazmat--well, I used my vacuum, and hope that everything else got picked up--I've already had one piece of glass in my foot since it dropped--silly me, I didn't find it when I vacuumed, but my foot found it several days later. No more of those stupid energy saving lights EVER AGAIN!

Before we can fix it, we need a small cotter-pin, so I am waiting for the hardware store to open (in half an hour) so I can get one small cotter-pin. Should cost more to drive there than the pin itself, but I have some other things to pick up at the local Meijer's, too, so it's not a totally wasted trip.

And the mower gave out--so there's fixing to do on that as well. Many of the leaves have fallen, and this mower picks up leaves and such so that we can burn it in a pile, instead of lighting the woods on fire. That would not be a good thing. I think that there are parts we need for the mower as well, so perhaps I should wait until hubby is out of bed (and no, he doesn't wake up on the weekend at 4am like I do when the dog wants to go out because I woke up momentarily to go potty myself...), which will likely happen sometime around 10 unless I intervene and make his breakfast, waking him up with the smell of scrambled eggs frying...maybe some coffee in the cofeemaker? We'll see about that.

And I got a call last night from my sister-in-law who is all a tither about the Pow Wow going on in Jackson. I've heard these are VERY cool, with lots of Native American Indians doing Native American Indian dances and selling their wares, craftsmen (and women) of various tribes (and some perhaps of no tribal affiliation) with beads and wampum. It sounded like a cool thing to do on a Saturday (if we didn't have so much else to do today).

And I got an invite from my BFF Linda to go to the tractor pull at the Eagle fairgrounds on Sunday. I've only ever been to one in my whole life, and thought it was lots of fun, but when I suggested it to hubby, he just sort of groaned and said no. I may still go.

And I've added several new projects to my Ravelry page...I'm drapert there, too. Checkit out. I have the yarns to do the October and November Monthly Dishcloth KAL's too, so it will be a busy time of year. Wish me luck!

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