Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's Just Another Monday

Well, perhaps it wasn't--my first day back to work--my phone is back at my desk (yay). Notice that the "yay" isn't very happy?

I'm exhausted. The day took a lot out of me, and I wonder if it wouldn't have been better if I had gone in only a half day, but I made it through the day, and all I can say is "yay" and "whew". Beyond that, my husband called me at work to relate that we were going to his mother's for supper (okay), and that Mandy got sick all over the carpetting again.

And so I was up until 11pm last night, cleanup up dog poop from the carpet--lucky for me that I had it scotch-guarded, so cleanup wasn't the complete chore that it was before I had the carpet cleaned.

So it's Tuesday now and I'm preparing for another run. I guess the part I hate most is having to walk to and from the office. I know that it's good for me from an exercise standpoint, but I so dislike the cold, and when it's cold and wet outdoors, there's just nothing can keep me warm! I can wear so many layers that I look like a walking wardrobe, toddling down the street, purse and knitting bag in hand, but there is just nothing like being warm and cozy inside your own skin. No matter how many layers, though, I can't seem to make myself warm enough!

And with colder weather coming, it will be a long while before I can walk to work in comfort--and then it's too hot. I should have been born in a more temperate climate. Sometimes I think Alaska would be nice--it's pretty cold there all the time, and I wouldn't have all these "one minute warm, next minute freezing" types of changes--and I suppose that's what I really want. Someplace where the temps don't change 30 degrees in one day.

That would be ideal.

Well, it's 6:30am. I need to hoof it. I have a couple more things to do. Maybe I'll park in the lot today, because it's supposed to rain....hate rain...especially cold rain. It just chills me through and through. Well. Bye.

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